Chairman’s Pairs 2021 The Winners

There was a great turnout for the first completion of the season 2021 and the weather was fine if a little chilly later in the day.
Fifteen pairs, chosen randomly, competed for the trophy and the day saw some excellent bowling.

Consolation Competition

Runners up – Norma White and John Ashcroft

Winners Joan Woods and Gary Burgess

Chairmans Pairs 21 Consolation Runners up John Ashcroft Norma White

Chairman’s Pair’s Main Competition

Runners up – Tony Wakefield and Joe Kelly

Winners Jayne Eustace and Brian Jones

Chairmans Pairs 21 Runners Up Gary Burgess Joe Kelly

Congratulation to all, especially Jayne and Brian who played really well throughout the day. A special mention also goes to Joan and Joe, both being relatively new to the game.