Current Covid-19 Status

Hi everyone – hope you are keeping well.
With reference to  the above: this  document was very specific in relation to how Bowling Clubs were to organise the opening of their  Greens.
The first criteria to be met was to get permission from the Landlord to open the Green. As you know our landlords are Sefton Coucil.
On Thursday morning on the Sefton Council website covering the above document stated that NO BOWLING GREENS WOULD BE OPEN.
So this automatically keeps our bowling club closed for now
Some other bullet points from this document: there are plenty more but these affect members the most.
1 group permitted on green at a time – only partake alone, or with members of your household, and with one other person from outside your household while practising social distancing.
Club buildings and toilets to remain closed.
Only Club members can play and no spectators!
Whilest writing: I am sure you will appreciate that fees are esential to keep the Club running, especially as it does not look as though we will  be able to hold fund-raisers this year.
 I would just like to thank those members who have paid their subs. in full. The Committee have decided for this year that all subs will be  at the social rate of £25.00. Those who have paid £50 will have the additional £25 carried over until next year. 
Janice will be contacting those members who have not yet paid their fees and we hope they will appreciate this problem and help by paying.
With best wishes – hopefully not too soon now until we can play at Crossens which is looking really well.

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