News July 2020

Hi All,
Big thank yous to Bob Mitchell for installing a water heater – we now have hot water for both cloakrooms and the kitchen; to John Ashcroft for his brilliant work around the green with his planting arrangements, and of course to Keith for keeping the green in tip top condition.
We are having a working party on SUNDAY 19TH JULY, from 10 a.m. TO CUT THE HEDGES, COLLECT AND BAG THETRIMMINGS, and do weeding in the gutters around the green. If you could spare a couple of hours it would be most appreciated.
We are also updating the ladies toilet and if you can help with this it would be appreciated.
I would just like to thank our members who are coming down and using the green – there is usually plenty of spaces – all you need to do is to ring/text or email me.
Hope you are all keeping safe and well.